1973 Blazer


This cool Blazer was born as GMC but is otherwise completely the same as a Chevrolet Blazer.

It has a really nice front with a billet aluminium grill and cowl induction hood.

In 2008 the Blazer was equipped with a 454 big block crate engine. Before the engine was installed it is equipped with a performance camshaft, performance intake manifold and a Holley carburator. Headers were also mounted. All this gives the Blazer an estimated power of 375 hp. Meanwhile, this engine has already driven 40,000 km without any problems, so it has already been run in well ;-). For comfort, the car is equipped with power steering and power brakes with front disc brakes. Everything looks neat under the hood. The water pump is chromed and so are the pulleys. Alternator and power steering pump are nicely powder coated in red. The valve covers are made of aluminum and give the Blazer a good performance appearance. Behind the motor is a TH400 transmission that shifts really good.

The LPG installation under the hood is neatly installed and is not really noticeable. The Blazer runs well on both LPG and petrol.

In short, everything looks nice and clean under the hood !!


The interior is in good condition. Seats, rear seat, carpet, headliner and door panels are all in good condition. There are 2 more gauges under the dashboard to keep an eye on the temperature and oil pressure. Door seals are new. In the back is a 180 liter LPG tank to be able to drive many km's at low costs. All the glass of the windows is in good condition and the windows also roll up and down without any problems.

The paint is good, shines nicely but is not perfect. It was painted a few years ago. It is not a 1000 points show car but a great driver to have a lot of fun with and steal the show at meetings. The Blazer has absolutely no rust !!! Rust blisters or bad spots at the bottom cannot be found on this car !!!

The car has been partially lowered which gives it a nice “stance”. The 17-inch wheels look good on the car! Tires are still fine and have a lot of profile to be able to drive many kms.


This Blazer has a Dutch registration for easy registration in any European Country and can be provided with TUV and H-zulassung for our German customers on request.

We speak English and German.

We transport throughout Europe. We work together with the largest car carrier in the Netherlands who delivers the cars to our customers. Your car is of course insured against damage during transport.

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