About us

Welcome to Rookie Classics.

We are a small company with passion for American cars.
Rookie Classics was founded in January 2011 out of passion for American cars.
We have a joined venture with Van Schellen Autos, also in Kampen.
Van Schellen Autos has over 35 years of experience with ( American) cars, has a very nice and well equipped garage, educated mechanics and knows how to fix everything.

I bought my first muscle car, a 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle, in 1995. My buddy Luke bought his 1978 Chevrolet Camaro in 1980. He still has it. Ever since we are hooked on everything that has to do with the American muscle car scene. We are real car guys!!

We are a supplier of American muscle cars like Nova, Chevelle, Camaro, Corvette, Skylark, Cutlass, Mustang and Dusters etc,etc.
We are trying to find good looking cars for affordable prices.
Most of our cars come from the sunny state California where the weather is good and the cars are rust free.

We noticed our customers are always surprised with the quality of our cars.
The reason is that we buy our own cars in the USA, we do not work with agents in the USA like most car dealers in Germany and Holland do.
This is the only way to buy the best cars instead of "good looking cars on the pictures".....
Last time we were in California we looked at 50 "good looking cars on the pictures" and bought 10 that were good enough....You know what we mean, right?... Its really hard to find good cars for a reasonable price.

Remember that we are not selling new cars.
Most of them are 40+ years old, you can always find things that need to be done or are not perfect nor period correct.

We sell about 50% of our cars outside the country. But we also sell cars to the Netherlands. Most of the time with Dutch registration. The other cars go to Germany, Poland, Tsjech, France, Italy and othere European countries(at least 80 cars in the passed years). Please ask us if you need any help. We have a collaboration with VanThom Speedshop in Essen, Germany. They can get TUV and H zulassung on any of our cars!

We are also a supplier of disc brake conversion kits to convert your drum brakes to discs. For parts go to: PARTS

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us at info@rookieclassics.nl

We hope to see you back to see the latest news or check our facebook page:

We are located in the city of Kampen in The Netherlands.
Kampen is about 1 hour from the German border.

Here are some pictures of our personal cars