1966 Mustang V8


This 1966 Ford Mustang is truly unique. We have sold at least 20 Mustangs in recent years, but we have not had one as special as this one.

This is what we call a true classic survivor!!!

We bought the car from Walter Emberland from Hayward California.

Walter has owned the Mustang since 1995. So 25 years. Walter kept the Mustang in the hangar where his airplane was. Safe and dry. We have understood that Walter bought the Mustang from a friend who also owned the car for at least 10 years. The Mustang still has the original black license plates. This means that the car has never left California.


  • Model Year: 1966
  • Body Style: 2-Door Hardtop, Standard Bucket Seats
  • Exterior Paint: Candyapple Red
  • Interior Trim: Black Vinyl and Black Rosette Vinyl
  • Date: 23 February, First Year
  • DSO: San Jose
  • Rear Axle: 2.80:1
  • Transmission: C-4 Automatic
  • Assembly Plant: San Jose, CA
  • Body Serial: 2-Door Hardtop
  • Engine: 289 2V
  • Unit #: 127574

The Mustang is equipped with the original matching numbers 289 V8 engine and C4 automatic. The engine runs really nice and quiet and the transmission shifts smoothly. Power steering makes driving comfortable. All steering and suspension is in good technical condition. The Mustang has 4 wheel drum brakes and brakes well. The exhaust is original and in good condition. Not a duall Flowmaster but a normal single original muffler that is wonderfully quiet.

The paint is really fantastic !!! The color is "Candy Apple Red"

We cannot discover that the car has ever been repainted. This would therefore mean that this is the original paint!!!!. Walter also said that he never had the car painted and that he too had the idea that the paint was from 1966. There is no rust on this Mustang. The bottom has the original dark red factory paint. Really super and unique !!! The yellow factory marks are still visible in various places on the paint. All panels are original and the Mustang has not been welded !!! But be aware, this is not a new car or 1000 point show car. It has imperfections.

This is a super original and honest real Mustang !! Unspoiled and still exactly as it came out of the showroom in 1966.

All the chrome on the bumpers and moldings are still in good condition. No pittings or scratches. The frames around the side windows are also very clean.

The complete history of the car can be found until 1977. At least 100 invoices and documents tell you what has been replaced and improved on this Mustang the last 43 years. Also various booklets such as service and owners manual are included.

The interior is really beautiful. Original radio, steering wheel and gauges are still there. The radio creaks, but unfortunately no longer plays. All gauges (tank, oil pressure, amps, temperature) work properly and the speedometer accurately indicates the speed. The mileage counter shows 6002 miles and the documentation shows that 106002 miles (approx. 170,000 km) has been driven by the car in 54 years. Windshield wipers work in 2 speeds, turn signals work and turn signal comes back after turning at an intersection. All 4 windows roll down and up easily. The glass is like new, not a scratch. The dash pad is still neat without cracks. Door rubbers and other seals are in perfect condition. Door panels are not nice but they are original. Can be easily replaced for new ones.

The center console is complete and decorates the interior. All lighting, both under the dashboard and in the center console, works fine.

The 14 inch wheels are fitted with beautiful spinner hubcaps and as good as new Michelin tires.

What a beautiful honest real Mustang this is. Doesn't need anything !!

Car comes with all needed documents(US title and import documents) to register it in any European Country.

We speak English and German.

We can arrange transport to any European country.